sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

2010 in pictures part I

  • Happy 2011 are some pics of last year since practically didn't blog in 2010...Thanks for looking

My little Venus at left is picking some grass as part of the tradition of 3 Kings Day. IN the evening of Jan. 5th you pick this grass for the three camels then the three wise men left you gifts under your bed..{don't forget some water too} .At right are some of my Valentine's decorations..In February I decide to take one the free courses that my city offers so that's when my journey about cakes and appetizers continues..Since I remember I love to prepare different things for dessert, dips, etc.,This yellow cake is a lady hat I prepare in class..Then in March we celebrate the first year of our little princess Venus..Everything from the food, cakes, surprises, games plan, souvenirs, candy buffet..was prepared by me with so much love


As you see my kiddos are the main event in all the you have my big one who was the Master Sargeant of the year in the group of cadets they are..Im' so proud of my three sargeants..oh I have to tell you this was my first cake for an activitythis activity was in May a couple of days later than the graduation from primary school from my little Angel Gabriel; the two pictures at the bottom are from our 5th anniversary and guess who made the cake???

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