viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

One more try

Maybe a coincidence but exactly three years ago was the last time I wrote here. Maybe it's  the right moment in my life to start blogging again...Two of my kids are facing health issues, 3 of them are going to graduate (including a senior) my little munchkin is near her 5 years of age...My big princess is going to be a "quinceañera" in september. so big moments in life worth to write about it...Let's see I wish I will have the time to share those big events here in blogland...Thanks for read this..and  let me wish you the best year of your life...

PS. "quinceañera" term is used to name the girls having her 15 years party or debut like in other countries celebrate Sweet 16.

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viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

A new? teapot

Few years ago one friend of mine give some items from her home because she was goin to live to Kissimee(FL) and sh'e don't want an expensive moving bill.. From the stash I found this teapot that I found some kind of ugly.. but I put in the top of refrigerator... well past sunday I look at it and think {pink spray paint}????. well here's the before and after now it's in the center of my dining table....

PS...please don't look at the torn'm beginning to place some valentine's items around home.

Thanks for looking and don't forget to visit Cindy where I'm linkin to:  Show and Tell

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Great opportunity

Another awesome giveaway

This fantastic giveaway gives you 4 chances to win anddon't forget to visit the whole place is just lovely.

miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

WOW.. what a lovely giveaway

Please visit Laura and follow her instructions for participate..this is great and then you have the chance to look all of those pretties there she have.Laura's Giveaway

sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

2010 in pictures part I

  • Happy 2011 are some pics of last year since practically didn't blog in 2010...Thanks for looking

My little Venus at left is picking some grass as part of the tradition of 3 Kings Day. IN the evening of Jan. 5th you pick this grass for the three camels then the three wise men left you gifts under your bed..{don't forget some water too} .At right are some of my Valentine's decorations..In February I decide to take one the free courses that my city offers so that's when my journey about cakes and appetizers continues..Since I remember I love to prepare different things for dessert, dips, etc.,This yellow cake is a lady hat I prepare in class..Then in March we celebrate the first year of our little princess Venus..Everything from the food, cakes, surprises, games plan, souvenirs, candy buffet..was prepared by me with so much love


As you see my kiddos are the main event in all the you have my big one who was the Master Sargeant of the year in the group of cadets they are..Im' so proud of my three sargeants..oh I have to tell you this was my first cake for an activitythis activity was in May a couple of days later than the graduation from primary school from my little Angel Gabriel; the two pictures at the bottom are from our 5th anniversary and guess who made the cake???

viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Best Wishes

Wishing to all the lovely girls here in blogland the best year ever in 2011 full of Love, Spiritual Strengh, Good Health and every wish from your heart&soul as God plans for all of you...Hugs from Puerto Rico and Happy New Year's Eve

Acquiring some goodies for next christmas

Well, as you know as Christmas day has gone most stores marked down their prices and of course I'm hunting for those bargains....This beauties(and some not) are goin' to be pretties by the Christmas 2011...As soon as I work on every of them; I'm gonna post about it...Thanks for looking. Today I'm linkin to Cindy in her beautiful Show&Tell Friday

sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Christmas Eve Earthquake

Sorry I don't have last night pics but as you read when most people were eating or being ready for celebrate around 7:43 pm; our island was shaked.. and Very Hard... I don't even feel the earthquake all I feel was a very hard shake around me.. .. At my parents some liquid containers dropped. and at my house my nutcrackers moves to the left was very strong because the epicenter was near the center of the island ...Fortunately we are all save but many structures were cracked and why not????we are happy because

Jesus shaked our island to remember people..He is Our Savior and we have to celebrate He is Born

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Christmas Eve Earthquake

viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

Today is Christmas Eve...

Why I was so lazy...I promise it could be year.... how much posts this year????unbelivable but here I wasn't a bad year at all... the only thing we have to do is learn form experiences and remember the good times... for example my Venus 1st. Birthday it was a lovely and funny celebration....

And... speaking of celebrations... We celebrate life... The born of Jesus our Savior is a great excuse for me to share with you this post...we are going to celebrate tonight at my parents.. later we are goin thru a few houses we were invited. So here we are I like to share with you some pics of our Holiday Home today as a way to say Thank You to all of these people around blogland my new family....Wishing you a warm, cozy and precious Christmas

These photos are from a garage sale find I acquire about 2 months ago..a lovely marble receiving table. The wreath is handmade with some buyed pics from a expensive store...styrofoam trees are handmade too.. the three little wreaths at top were originally gold and here you see the results with some spray and acrylic paints...Some bleached bottle brush trees inside the cloche and the big ones are from kmart I bought them for .50 cents each in January... The beautiful candy colored house is handmade "fromscratch" I love how it turns.The "gold village" it was my first "shop" in the recently opened TJMAXx here in Puerto an alegged shop because it was at the "open house" and a lovely lady that I gave my place at the paylane she was grateful and bought it to me and all because she was late for work and "needs" to shop her 20 handbags. {By the way the local newspaper have the store events and guess who was in the photo??? yes me....I am in the bottom photo behind the lady with turquoise blouse.

Thanks for looking.. Today I'm sharing with the lovely Cindy at her famous Show&TellFriday

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Love is in the air.. how time flies

Hello there... Long time a whole month.. can't believe it... well.. here I am... collecting a LOT of ideas for my little princess 1st. birthday and others to make some day... By the time.. let me show you my new Valentine's cupcake liner wreath. it took me about half day.. since is my first one...Thanks for looking...

PS...OOps.. the ribbon in the red heart now is invisible....I meant.. hidden..
Excuse me.. I'm so excited my little girl begins to walk yesterday.... good luck to me...bye bye to bottom decorations at home for a while...

viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

New Year

Just a quick note to wish you the best.. from this day on ....take your resolutioins put all your faith and your strength in them. and pray God if it is the best for you..let it be.... and of course read the hat in the photo.. ,,.....Best Wishes

lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Crazy first gingerbread house

Having fun with my kiddos during Holidays vacations..

My first sugar creation

in this crazy and lovely world of crafts never after I was able to create a cake from scratch .. this was my first attempt[of course with sooome help] it was for a sweet girl having a boy... [we all were expecting a girl 'til the last sonogram the day before the baby shower... so finally we did it right on time in blue....

Late Christmas decorations post

 to tell you.. the Band Hero instruments around there...were the anticipated Christmas gift from kiddos' dad

It's hard to maintain up to date when you have 4 the house....but I'm very happy they're all here.. because the big one stays at granny's in school time this year...{at least 12 mnts. from home} so here we are... wishing you the best....always